We exist to advance the Flare Network.

Community First.

Transparency and Security

We value transparency and security above all else. Our platform underwent a thorough audit from CertiK and passed with flying colors. For the first time, our community now has a legitimate, independently audited domain service.


We’re proactively addressing name collisions and honoring all previous .FLR domains currently minted. We are actively querying all registries. We invite all similar project builders to follow our lead in establishing standards for co-existence. We aim to be the best and most secure Flare Naming Service, not the only one. This is why the Flare Network was developed.


Our pricing is affordable, making our platform accessible to the greater Flare Community. Our annual fee not only covers maintenance but also improves our platform by fixing the stale domain name issue. The fee also makes it harder for whales to corner the market and hold a large proportion of premium domains, providing value for money.

*Also, domain acquirers who register using our service will soon be granted access to development tools free of charge (Q3). Announcements soon to follow!


We’re currently integrating with industry wallets to provide a seamless domain purchasing experience. Our team is excited to continue our work within the Flare Community, delivering the best experience and establishing FLRNS.DOMAINS as the most trusted, transparent, and secure domain naming service on the Network.

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