Join the future of decentralized web3 domains with the Flare Naming Service. Gain early access to .flr domains with a reservation below.

  • Secure unlimited .flr domains during a 24-hour pre-launch offering
  • Limited to the first 10,000 spots reserved
  • Public launch date: May 27, 2023
  • Private pre-launch offering date: TBD

Reservation holders will be notified 48 hours before pre-launch offering begins

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$10 reservation

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2023 Q1

  • Dapp protocol build-out, live songbird testing & ecosystem development
  • Launch pre-registration for early access

2023 Q2

  • Live Launch of FNS Dapp to Flare Mainnet to reservation holders
  • Launch public registry after early access ends
  • Apply for Flare Grant Program

2023 Q3

  • Establish industry wallet partnerships & infrastructure.
  • Integration with wallets, explorers, dapps, and third-party apps.
  • Build community partnerships with Flare Network leaders

2023 Q4

  • Began development phase for an NFT Marketplace (secondary trading for domains)
  • Build community partnerships inside secondary marketplace NFT platforms

2024 Q1

  • Live songbird testing for NFT Marketplace & Launch to Flare mainnet